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Stoffel Vandoorne

The lowdown on Stoffel Vandoorne

Ben Edwards' view

Stoffel Vandoorne is now at McLaren full time filling the seat of the retired 2009 champion Jenson Button.

The Belgian is a really interesting guy to watch this year. He has a tremendous record in the junior category and when he stood in for Fernando Alonso in Bahrain last year, he impressively scored a point on his debut.

He was also racing in Japan in the Super Formula there last season, it’s not Formula One but it is a series that has a lot of downforce and a lot of grip from the tyres.

Vandoorne will come into F1 with an open mind but also off the back of a good season in Super Formula, where he won the last race at Suzuka.

He is up against a great driver in Fernando Alonso, so he’s got a lot to learn but he’s also got every capability of shining.