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Sebastian Vettel

The lowdown on Sebastian Vettel

Lee McKenzie's view

"Sebastian Vettel is a four-time world champion for Red Bull but he made the call to go to Ferrari in 2015 because he didn't want to be seen as Red Bull's golden boy.

"He has always looked up to Michael Schumacher and so going to Ferrari, who were struggling at that time, and being a team leader made sense.

"The work that he does, not just on a race weekend but at the factory and behind the scenes, is phenomenal. He alluded in a C4F1 interview with me that he was partially running the team and I think that is very much what is happening. 

"Sebastian has got a great personality, he's always joking and laughing but it's easy to forget that behind those jokes and smiles, he is steely and can be ruthless on the track as we've seen with his treatment of teammates Mark Webber and Daniel Ricciardo."

A four-time champion at just 26, Sebastian Vettel has smashed pretty much every record possible and is the dominant driver of his era.

He scored points on his F1 debut at just 20-years-old and little over a year later he was a grand prix winner, claiming a popular first victory for Toro Rosso at a rain-hit Monza.

The cheeky German, a practical joker, notched Red Bull Racing’s first win in China in 2009, and made history in 2010 by becoming the youngest champion in F1 history.

The Vettel era had begun, and he added a consecutive second, third and fourth titles before leaving Red Bull, the company that made him, for Ferrari.

Following in the footsteps of his hero, Michael Schumacher, Vettel joined the Scuderia, scoring three wins in his first campaign in red but not climbing higher than second in 2016.

If anyone can consistently challenge the dominant Mercedes team in 2017 it’ll be Vettel.